Who is Deja?

1 of 3 with the Sickle Cell Trait


The baby of three sister who inherited this gene from my Dad who inherited it from his Dad. What’s funny is they found out I had the Trait before my Dad did.  

Since age 3

Deja on LA TALK LIVE back in the day

I’ve had pain since age 3. My hands and feet ache and fatigue. Kept wondering why I was always tired. My Dad has been encouraging me to help him Advocate so you might have seen me on the radio shows when I was younger.  

Advocating too


So today I am in College and during that time I created the survey we now use for our Foundation so make sure you take it and let me know what you know about sickle cell trait. I now speak in schools, set up at Health Fairs and will be helping in our latest campaign Stop Sickle Sex. More to come on that note.

Take the Survey here: