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  To re-educate the community about the sickle cell trait. 

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WDC on SCT has dedicated his Organization to educate the human race on Sickle Cell Trait (SCT is HbAS) also known as The Silent Killer, by a low cost to free mobile screenings, distributing information and presentations, written and visual about SCT. Our Organization will travel the world to caution Children, Parents, Teachers, Coaches and all Branches of Service; the critical need of testing for the Sickle Cell Trait that can cause life-threatening complications of exercise, exertional heat illness (exertional rhabdomyolysis, heat stroke, or renal failure) or idiopathic sudden death.

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CDC on Sickle Cell Trait

Sickle Cell Trait Tool Kit

The Centers of Disease Control has created links to everything they know so far about sickle cell trait. Research is still being done. 

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