Dr Francis O'Connor and CHAMP Study for SCT

If you carry the Sickle Cell Trait and are age 18-80 Please call or email to find out if you can participate in this very important case study. You will help save lives.

Call: 240-479-9514

Email: SCTSTUDY-ggg@usuhs.edu

Farron on Dr Dee Show

I had an opportunity to meet Dr Dee who saw how important this conversation was even on a mental health level.

WHATZ in your Genes?

Public Service Announcement for Sickle Cell Trait. Real life experiences by Real People.

Venice Beach Awareness Pt 1

The Mission was to set out and Interview 10 random people at the Beach on Sunday afternoon. Thomas with his new S3 cell phone and Diamond Ray who manages Sickle Cell and myself the Trait Carrier show up and this is what happened when Diamond Ray chose the first random people. 

Dr Sebi and How he Cured Sickle Cell

I had a pleasure to sit next to Dr Sebi and ask him specific questions about Sickle Cell Awareness.... You need to watch this now.

Venice Beach Awareness Pt 2

As the Mission continued. It became a game. It was Thomas B's turn to pick a group. Now with 2 down and 8 to go.. It's WHATZ DA COUNT

Venice Beach Awareness Pt 3

As the evening settled... it was my turn to pick the next group. We already had 6 people and we need 4 more to reach 10 for the day.... It's WHATZ DA COUNT

Sickle Cell Trait Awareness Month 2018

As we wrapped up Sickle Cell Awareness Month for 2018. I went and got some key voices to help bring the Month to an end.

Kristyl and TQ on WDC Radio w Farron Dozier

Kristyl shares Living with Sickle Cell and TQ shares her experience with Sickle Cell Trait around her UCLA / USA Track Team Competition.  

PSA by Kurtis Blow for WDC on SCT

It speaks for itself back in 2010...

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