Goals and Advocacy



  WDC sparks conversation about this 108-year-old condition and disease within the communities of people that are living and thriving with these conditions. Opening the door to conversation provides an outlet for people that may have otherwise remained silent to speak out through the online radio broadcast / various internet tv shows and several social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter

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*Having Sickle Cell Trait be common a conversation about the genes we carry.

*educating our students in public schools and college campuses to listen to their bodies during exercising or play sports because our youth are collapsing during various sporting events and the coaches and family members have no idea the gene is even in the family or a trigger in the health issues



  *Encouraging genetic testing and counseling so that people are aware of the gene they carry the gene and ask their mate if they have the sickle cell trait. 

*Encouraging the importance of taking our health seriously; because we are not 100% sure of all the ways this one gene is affecting our bodies. Symptoms include fatigue, joint pains, dehydration, neuropathy, heart disease heat stroke and over time organ failure, which can result in sudden death if left untreated. Rhabdomyolysis.