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WDC on Sickle Cell Trait

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Military Tour


We travel and speak on Military Bases all over the States and other Countries sharing my experiences with Sickle Cell Trait to bring Awareness and to possibly Prevent a Soldier from Collapsing and maybe even Sudden Death

Elementary thru High School Tour


We help students connect with us on the conversation about Sickle Cell Trait as it relates to subjects they learn in school. Also for those who are Living with Sickle Cell we help create a relatedness so their peers are Aware of the Impacts around them.

Blood Drive Tour


This is my family on my Father's side. My Cousin Nigel lives with Sickle Cell. This is my Aunt and her daughter and her grand children. Nigel is out to have the Community not only give blood but why it's important for our Black Families to Donate Blood. It's best to have a close match to your ethnic background. We know that blood donations saves lives.

HBCU and College Tour


We speak at the College level not only to make students aware of what's possible if the have a child with Sickle Cell and don't know they are gene carriers but also to educate the student athletes of the risk factors and can be caused by Sickle Cell Trait with Exertion due to exercising and Sports related deaths.

Stop, Sickle Sex


Is our Global Campaign to grab the attention of the reader to see what they know about the Global impact of Sickle Cell Trait and other Red Blood Cell conditions like Thalassemia Trait, C, D, E, Monroe, O Arab and many more. 300 Million Globally have SCT and in United States around 4 Million with Millions more not knowing.

Screening / Mobile Testing


We have been able to provide Communities and Health Fairs with the Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Test. It's a Panel that will tell you if you have any inherited genes even other than sickle cell. New Born Screening started in California in 1990. So many have gone untested or got letters and forgot. We partnered with MediLab for 2yrs and plan on starting back up in 2020. This test is free to the Community help us keep it that way.